PJ's Story

I am PJ McKeithan aka Pjfrfr, from Raeford, North Carolina. Faithville Brand is my personal story of my experiences and the decision to never give up on my dream and calling. I was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, My 16 year old mother's first child. Music became my first love as a young boy. The passion for creating music started as early as 3rd grade. By my early 20’s I had songs played on local radio stations and was doing shows with artists such as Nate Dogg, Pastor Troy, and Petey Pablo. I did eventually land a publishing and recording contract with Cartter Evans, Bails Bond Records, and Sweet Soda Publishing... After $100,000 was spent and there was no big breakthrough everything slowed down. As years passed pursuing this music career, I found myself at rock bottom, holding shame with regrets. As the struggles added up, I was hit with a divorced, separated from my kids, and almost homeless, It was in this emptiness I had a God Experience like never before. Revelation of our spiritual freedom blew my mind. The encountering gave me peace in my lowes with new desires to make music. The comfort and understanding I was given gave me evidence of my beliefs existence. I am now the CO-CEO of Faithville Brand, an multi award winning songwriter, an independent musician, and a proud father. My message is even when I was hopeless, God was faithful!. frfr

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