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  1. Unconditional

From the album Transforming

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Produced by Tone Jonez.
Mixed and Mastered by 7th Sounds Productions


VERSE1: Let me say this here I love you grandma/ the way you held me down when it got hard/ I see God in you loving my faults/ and that ain't easy cause your boy got a lot of flaws/ dear mama I love you like Pac song/ how we use the fight all night long/ then we wake up in the morn like we reborn/ you love me through my wrongs that made me strong/ I can't forget the times that I fell short/ so call friends judging me like we in court/ said they had my back but that was back then/ you never know what happens until it happens/ no love lost just love gained/ for those that stuck with me through the growing pains/ and though I've changed you don't understand me/ you still love me and that's family/

VERSE2: And you better know that I love my wife/ the reason God made her just for my life/ yeah she crazy but that's my type/ and wow she's beautiful we too alike/ and Lord knows I love my kids I'm a proud dad/ I know they've taught me more than I taught them/ little me's so there's no telling what they gone do/ but no matter what it is they gone hear I love you/ I will forgive you and help you with your issue/ and if you leave I'll be waiting as I miss you/ through it all I'll be your band aid in your tissue/ unconditional love its official/ I'm talking Mercy favor that's not earned/ real love true love what we all yearn/ cause in my dirty germs I deserve to burn/ but the love that created me was confirmed/ because He was concerned. Grace!